Monday, 13 April 2009

Tamiya Extra Thin Cement.

Tamiya Extra Thin Cement

Excellent stuff, started to use it today on the Tomcat and Jaguar.

For the last couple of model ive put together, ive just been using either super glue or liquid poly. Not bad but a bit messy, Tamiya Extra Thin Cement is totally different glue.

First of you don't have to put glue on to the joint then stick them together,with this you hold what you want glued together and use the tiny brush which is attached to the lid and run the glue along the seam. when it dry it kinda melt the plastic together to give a excellent fit and very little sanding it required. There's very little residue left after it dry, which was a big surprise.

Now when i look at modeller work station you can always see this stuff, going to have a look into other tamiya products to add to my tool collection. Already got some tamiya masking tape and putty on the way.


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