Saturday, 16 November 2013

Real Grade - MS-05L Zaku I - Sniper Type - WiP 8 -

Real Grade - MS-05L Zaku I - Sniper Type - WiP 11 -

This is everything modelled and ready to be primed, mods from the top:

Head - Streamlined the nose, cut out the section of the head for the sight, added vulcans, added antenna and crest at the rear.
Torso - Fitted chest from HGUC kit (which is sitting a little too high in photo), added detail in plasticard.
Waist - Buckle added where Zaku II cable would have attached and part of the skirt extended.
Arms - Both shoulder modified, shoulder guard had spikes removed from and other side fitted shoulder from HGUC kit, wrists size increased.
Legs - All holes for Zaku II cables covered and verniers on the front and back of below knees covered, knee stand added from the HGUC kit.

Real Grade - MS-05L Zaku I - Sniper Type - WiP 10 -

From the back:
Backpack - Various little details added to the HGUC kit to bring it more inline with the RG, booster rockets added from the RG kit (thought the HGUC boosters where too big, plus when all zakus lined up all booster look the same)
Legs - Al sockets for cables covered and verniers covered.