Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Revell 1/144 - Dassault / Dornier Alpha Jet - WiP 4 - Built, masked and ready to paint

Revell 1/144 - Dassault / Dornier Alpha Jet - WiP 4- Built, masked and ready to paint

This is the first bit of real modelling ive done since the thumb incident which is almost all good now. Luckily all this involved was masking off the canopy, which is just time consuming since most off this model was basically complete a month ago.

Next will be to prime this up and then find the correct paint colours to paint in the Luftwaffe livery and to find some RAF decals which will have to be burrowed from some other kits.


Sunday, 28 October 2012

U.C. HARDGRAPH 1/144 - FF-X7 Core Fighter - WiP painted and decaled


Both of the real grade Core Fighters all painted and decaled somewhat between the markings on the 1/35 scale U.C. Hardgraph Core Fighter and the full size replica at Diver City.

The fighter on the left is Amuro's 102 or 002 same as the Gundam and the right is Sayla's 106 or 006 just like the Core Booster. Not sure which other number the pilot have but think Kai and Hayato are either 108 and 109 and maybe Sledger is 105, had no luck finding a list.

Whats left to do it attach the canopy's after giving them a smoke effect and get the landing gear painted, then maybe some ground crew when the new Gunpla Builder 1/144 personal set is released.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Real Grade 1/144 - MS-05 Zaku I - Completed

Real Grade 1/144 - MS-05 Zaku I - Completed 1 -

My 3rd Real Grade kit and the first of what i hope will be many future RG Zaku customs. Really happy with this custom, alot of work to accomplish a conversion backwards from the MS-06 to the MS-05 but feel it worth it with the results.

Decided to build this after seeing the custom MS-05 on the Bandai Hobby site which i got lead to from a postcard of the conversion with the RG MS-06F Zaku II. Really like the old zak custom and thought i could model it and improve on the result from the instructions, which i think i have, having spent a whole lot more time on mine compared to the easy conversion on the site.

Photo is meant to be copying the front of the box on all the Real Grade kits which really give it a sinister look, which i dig.

Real Grade 1/144 - MS-05 Zaku I - Completed 2 -

From the top for the front:
Head - All detail for the cables removed and the central guard for the mono-eye added from the HGUC kit.
Shoulder Guard - All spikes removed and covered over, took quite a few attempts to get perfectly round and smooth.
Left Shoulder - All parts for the shield attachment removed and the top covered to hide the internal skeleton.
Chest - Cockpit taken from the HGUC kit and made to fit in the space where the Zaku II cockpit was. Cut decals to be similar to the RG Zaku II detail but also to make them unique to the Zaku I.
Skirt - Extended the length of the front 2 smaller guards to copy the original line art.
Legs - All detail of any attachment for the Zaku II cables removed and made to look like the inside of the RG Zaku II legs.

From the top for the rear:
Head - some detail removed and a fin added to the rear.
Backpack- Top verniers and cables holes covered over
Rear of legs - Booster covered and a single panel line added down the centre.

Real Grade 1/144 - MS-05 Zaku I - Completed 2 -

All painted like the Zaku I in the TV series but with the soles of the feet a darker shade of blue just to add a little nod to the future Zaku II having black soles which i really liked the separation of colour there.
Decaled in a much more simpler way the the RG Zaku II, kept all the decals which i think are cool and really tried not to "busy up" the zak too much.

Knuckle Shield with the incredibly sharp new metal spikes and the RGed up Zaku I Bazooka from the HGUC kit.


Gadem's last manly attack against the "White Devil"


Last line of defence at Al Baoa Qu, think this is a 105mm Machine Gun using the ammo cartridge from the RG kit.


This could and is to be an addition to my new U.C. Hardgraph project which i think would fit perfectly. Really when i get around to finding some display bases i will make a little diorama up in a proper One Year War setting to show this off with.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Real Grade 1/144 - MS-05 Zaku I - On parade

Real Grade 1/144 - MS-05 Zaku I - On parade

Completed Real Grade MS-05 Zaku I on parade ready to sortie.

My third RG kit and this one a custom MS-05 Zaku converted from as RG MS-06F Zaku II using parts from the HGUC MS-05 Zaku I.

More photo soon, because of my thumb which seems to be healing fast i haven't been doing any modelling but taking photos is fine.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Thumbs up for modelling!

Thumbs up for modelling! by AntSizedMan
Thumbs up for modelling!, a photo by AntSizedMan on Flickr.

Luckily its not quite thumbs off, new scapel blade cuts through your skill like a hot knife through butter.

Ruddy disaster, won't be able to do any modelling anytime soon, had some damn difficulty trying to tie my shoe laces

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Japan Matsuri 2012 @ Trafalgar Square, London

Japan Matsuri 2012 @ Trafalgar Square, London

Japan Matsuri in the heart of London, what started off years ago as a small gathering for Japanese expats has evolved into quite festival for to experience a little Japanese culture.

This is the same festival that the K-On! girl's played at next to the London Eye, exactly like the movie! I was actually in Japan last year so missed it, great holiday!

Japan Matsuri 2012 @ Trafalgar Square, London

TakoYaki, very tasty, was the biggest queue to get these, was worth the wait.

Japan Matsuri 2012 @ Trafalgar Square, London

Shame i could'nt stay late to see all the stalls and lantern aglow.

Japan Matsuri 2012 @ Trafalgar Square, London

Lolita galore.
Japan Matsuri 2012 @ Trafalgar Square, London

Sound of the music reminded me of my time in Kyoto.

Japan Matsuri 2012 @ Trafalgar Square, London

Lots of stalls for food, everything i eat was excellant and i eat alot.

Japan Matsuri 2012 @ Trafalgar Square, London

Made use of the Matsuri being right in front of The National Gallery to pay a quick visit, ended up spending hours in there. Unfortunatly no photos aloud inside, lots of fantastic art. I got all excited about seeing so many of my favorites from Monet, Constable, Rembrant, Turner and of course massive crowds round the Van Goghs.

Japan Matsuri 2012 @ Trafalgar Square, London

Was the best curry ive had for some time, going to the resturant that has serving this up soon.

Japan Matsuri 2012 @ Trafalgar Square, London

Only part of the martial arts stage i got to see was these Japenese kids doing Kendo, i wound'nt mess with them after seeing this.

Japan Matsuri 2012 @ Trafalgar Square, London

There a 4 pedestals Trafalgar Square at each corner and for over a hundred years one has been empty waiting to be occupied until recently, now very 6 months i think, a new statue gets to be displayed.
Japan Matsuri 2012 @ Trafalgar Square, London

Very energetic Taiko drummer, had quite a selection of different groups throughout the day.

Japan Matsuri 2012 @ Trafalgar Square, London

Had a great time and really made me miss Nihon, really want to go back again.

Friday, 5 October 2012

MasterFile Metal Armor Dragonar

MasterFile Metal Armor Dragonar - 1

Another awesome Master series book from GA Graphics this time a MasterFile (one word) for Metal Armor Dragonar a series which i watched years ago. Really liked the series from all the mecha action and comedy which reminded me of Gundam ZZ, best part was having the 3 hero Dragonars taking off the aircraft carries Aquapolis. This is third mecha series profiled from studio Sunrise after RGM-79 GM and Votoms Scopedog with Studio Nue getting most of the action with the Master Archive for Valkyries.

Just like all the other Master files this one is packed for of realistic CG shot of all the Dragonars and mass-produced Dragoon's throughout the file and lots of highly detailed illustrations of nearly everything to do with each Dragonar in the series, from mechanis, weapons, pilot gear to the various equipment. Lot of information must be contained in all the text, but my Nihongo reading is so bad it mostly just flys over me.

MasterFile Metal Armor Dragonar - 2

On the aircraft carrier flightdeck with the US Navy crew waiting for take-off.

MasterFile Metal Armor Dragonar - 3

Same concept as the Gundam Mk.II with the the parts on a movable frame.

MasterFile Metal Armor Dragonar - 4

This is my favourite mecha from the series, the mass-production MBD-1A Dragoon.

MasterFile Metal Armor Dragonar - 5

Dragonar 1 form the first few episodes of the series in space without flying armor.

MasterFile Metal Armor Dragonar - 6

The heavy support Dragonar 2, got to dig the firepower this one handles.

MasterFile Metal Armor Dragonar - 7

Electronic warfare Dragonar 3 with its radar dish head.

MasterFile Metal Armor Dragonar - 8

Pilot gear, the 2 hero's wore red so im guessing the other must be Dragoon gear.

MasterFile Metal Armor Dragonar - 9

Cool shot of the mountains.

MasterFile Metal Armor Dragonar - 10

Yellow shirt just like the US Navy directing the armor or aircraft depending.

MasterFile Metal Armor Dragonar - 11

Dragoons with XC-00 Cavalier Zero, guessing these cool armor add on went into production since from what i remember it was rarely seen after the first few episodes.

Masterfile Metal Armor Dragonar - 12

Just like all the other Master books from GA Graphics the last few pages have lot of cool colour schemes for the respective mecha, all the schemes are for the Dragoon since it the only mass-produced Earth forces machine, like alot of the country specific patterns, shame only one colour in the series for the Dragoon.

MasterFile Metal Armor Dragonar - 13

Nice credit page, all the artist getting there credit next to a selection of the gear they worked on.

MasterFile Metal Armor Dragonar - 14

After getting this file and remembering how cool Dragonar is i really hope Bandai expand on there Real Grade range and eventually move into other licenses, all 3 Dragonars and the Dragoons would look awesome as 1/144 RG kits.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

U.C. HARDGRAPH 1/144 - FF-X7 Core Fighter - WiP

U.C. Hardgraph 1/144 - FF-X7 Core Booster - WiP

Starting the first build in my new 1/144 U.C. Hardgraph project is the latest 1/35 scale kit in the range, the FF-X7 Core Fighter. Got 2 Real Grade core fighter which come from the RX-78-2 ive built and RG GM custom which has stalled to build into 2 FF-X7's on White Base.

Added a detail to these tiny little jets, some tiny little bit of plasticard to raise a little detail and added quite a few panel line copying them of the 1/35 kit.

Recently seen Bandai are going to release there first set of figure in the 1/144 Builders Parts range which just so happen to be like the figure which come from the 1/35 kit of Amuro, Sayla and lots of ground crew which will i hope go great with these when released.