Saturday, 30 March 2013

U.C. HARDGRAPH 1/144 - Zeon and EFSF mobile suit pilots - WiP

U.C. HARDGRAPH 1/144 - Zeon and EFSF mobile suit pilots - WiP

Sometimes i receive something new and all my models on the bench get left behind as i concentrate wholly on my new project and this is one of them. I love little figures.

Liked this MS crew so much that i had to start modelling them straight off the bat, because you get 2 sprues of the same figures i used the second one with existing Presier and Kotobukiya figures to created some more naturally posed pilots for all the Zakus i have using the fantastically detailed helmets on new bodies. All the guys with helmets on are going to be Zeon pilots, if bandai release a RG GM i will buy another set for all the EFSF pilots.

Also modelled Amuro Ray and Sayla Mass to go with the 2 Core Fighters that are practically complete, modelled them as much as i could to look like the figures you get with the 1/35 kit. Amuro is the one male with his helmet off and Sayla is my favourite here, used the female pilot body with the Sayla Mass head stroking her hair, worked out great.

Pilot with the crossed arms im calling The Stig.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

[Kit Review] Gunpla Builder Parts - 1/144 MS Figures 01 -

[Kit Review] Gunpla Builder Parts - 1/144 MS Figures 01 -

This arrived while i was in Istanbul what i think has been the the most welcome release from the builders part some 1/144 mobile suit figures consisting of pilot, crew and even a Sayla Mass. You get 2 of the sprues above which adds up to quite a nice selection on figures for your dioramas.

Look at the detail! Less than 2cm in height with the squares behind a centimetre each.

The 2 standing still and what i feel somewhat most awkward looking posed figures from the set, the male on the left to me along with the rest of the pilots look very generic for the Gundam universe, if painted the way you want could be Zeon or Federation. But the female pilot looks just like it should be Christina MacKenzie from War in the Pocket.

[Kit Review] Gunpla Builder Parts - 1/144 MS Figures 01 - Pilot Detail

Directing a MS crew, left looks perfect for a 08th MS Team diorama while right could be any one year war spacecraft.

[Kit Review] Gunpla Builder Parts - 1/144 MS Figures 01 - Crew Detail

Will be modeling and painting these soon.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Real Grade - MS-05L Zaku I - Sniper Type - WiP 2 The rifle -

Real Grade - MS-05L Zaku I - Sniper Type - WiP 2 The rifle -

Opening the holes on the sides and also top is the only major mod needed to the MG42 style Zeon sniper rifle. Made the holes alot bigger than what the original recesses where so that the barrel which i'll add will be more visible.

Good thing i started this before i went to Istanbul, now that im back and take a fresh look at it i can see some improvement's needed to tidy the holes up a little.

The amazing Alps on my way to Istanbul on Saturday, never been but after seeing this from a dirty plane window really want to go.

Istanbul via The Alps


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

U.C Hardgraph 1/144 - PVN.4/3 Wappa - WiP -

U.C Hardgraph 1/144 - PVN.4/3 Wappa - WiP -

Been over a year since i remodelled, painted and decaled this wee Wappa and have just now tried to weather it up a little but so small ive been having ahard time not ruining it.

Going to try making a pilot sitting in the seat now, got the new gunpla builder 1/144 mobile crew on the way to me, will see what those will turn out to be soon.


Friday, 8 March 2013

Real Grade - MS-05L Zaku I - Sniper Type - WiP 1


Starting the Zaku I Sniper using parts i already had to hand before i bought a new MS-06F for the conversion.

This is to fill the holes where the cables on the legs attach and fill in the open panels where the space verniers would be but not need on the ground type. Tried using some Grey Stuff to fill some of holes but not to happy with the stuff, too soft i fell. Got some Tamiya epoxy on the way to me to try if this doesn't work out ,once primed and i can see what the result is.

Start to work on the sniper rifle and backpack this weekend while i wait for the RG Zaku to turn up i can really get started.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Next Real Grade - MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type -


My next RG Zaku conversion is going to be the MS-05L Zaku I Sniper Type, one kick ass looking Zaku with that massive sniper rifle which caught my attention in Unicorn. Not going to be the Yonem Kirks suit but instead going for a One Year War version (not a fan of the antenna on this which is off centre and just doesn't agree with me)

Already know how most of what i want to modelled will be done after making the normal MS-05 then adding the unique parts from the HG kit to the RG. Good thing about the unique parts to this Sniper type are the really goo detail for HG, so it should look great when modelled together with the Real Grade detail.

Got 2 Real Grade kits finished and waiting for some good sunlight to get some good snaps.