Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween! - Jack-O'-Lanterns


Happy Halloween!

Jack-o'-lanterns, i love em. Wish i had the time to make more, i would fill the entire front garden with them like a pumpkin patch. Kept my designs nice and simple, the classic look is always good.

The Ninja Pumpkin Super Defender Force arrive to save the day.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Cosplay Part 3 @ London MCM Expo October 2009

More with some Macross


Batman and The Huntress

Klan Klang
London Anime MCM Expo 2009 - Macross F- Klan Klang or is it Clan Clang




Its a trap!

MCM Expo Oct '09

Cosplay London MCM Expo

Bucky O'Hare
Bucky O'Hare cosplay

And thats it all for MCM, next year going to take aload of photo of the cosplayers meyself.

Cosplay Part 2 @ London MCM Expo October 2009

More cosplay from the expo.

Gurren Lagann
London Expo


From a rpg maybe, cool costume.





Doc Brown
MCM Expo Oct '09

Judge Dread "I am the LAW!"


Women of DC
the DC girls <3


Thursday, 29 October 2009

Cosplay Part 1 @ London MCM Expo October 2009

Lots of cool cosplay at the expo, after seeing so mnay i kinda like having ago, Britai Kridanik might be a cool one to go as.
Lots of photo from other people accounts on Flicker who take a better photo than i.

Start of with super random but great Ronald McDonald.

Yoko Cosplay London MCM Expo

Disney Zombie Princess and dead al.
Zombie Disney MCM London October 2009


No idea but damn!
Cosplay London MCM Expo


Lord Canti & Haruko

Saliormoon, no idea who but quite cute.
Sailor moon London MCM Expo

Ghost Busters

Link and Zelda
Link and Zelda

Papalazaroo maybe?

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

What i got from MCM Expo and Japan Centre.

What i got from MCM Expo and Japan Centre.

Few bit and pieces i bought from my trip to London.

The Japan Times - An integrated course in Elementary Japanese Genki 1 + 2 where the most expensive at a massive £36.99 each from the Japan Centre. It because the shipped from Japan and so far are looking like the best text books ive bought. Need to get these as the course i was meant to be moving into was cancelled Year 2 so ive been but in Year 3 as i was really keen to keep learning and quite far behind and need to get some good books to catch up.

Instant noodle which ive never been really big into but wanted to try out some proper Japanese one, eaten one already and was really surprised at how tasty it was.

Some Miso soup paste which is also very tasty.

HG Gundam Exia Repair from the Expo, wanted to get some gundam marker but the retailer there have stopped stocking them due to theft. Guess some people think stealing something as small as a pen isn't all the bad but to me stealing anything is just not cricket and it ruins it for someone like me.

Finally Hobby Japan, purely bought his because of all 2 Operation V suits on the front cover, on the train home had my head in that mag the entire journey when i wasn't nodding off to sleep.

Post photos of the cosplayer next then that will be everything i have from MCM expo.


Monday, 26 October 2009

Japan Centre @ Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London's West End

Japan Centre @ Piccadilly in the heart of London's West End

After i finished with the expo i made a b-line for the Japan Centre before it closed. Which i was worried i would not make in time with the 45 minute tube journey due to maintaince on the underground happens on the weekend. Didn't know this place existed until i read about it on super blogger expat Danny Choo.

It a cool shop with lots of sweet Japanese stuff which i would have liked to buy right there and then but getting to the shop only 10 minutes before it closed meant i had to rush to get Genki Japanese text books. The run along to there food store around the corner and buy some Miso soup paste and other stuff which i completely forgot to buy as i was in a rush. Going to order what i want over the net instead.

Not too sure about it being quite Japanese Value Store seemed very expensive to me but then it is all ships from Nihon.

Piccadilly Circus is one of the busiest place in London, certainly a good location for a shop.

Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London's West End 1

At the very end of the day the clear skies.

Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London's West End 2

Coke Cola have always had the top biggest neon sign.

Piccadilly Circus in the heart of London's West End 3

Halfway though the tube journey had to change trains from one station to the next and walk overground which just so happened to go past the Tower of London, where many a famous historical people through Britain's history have either been imprisoned or beheaded or both.

Walking past the Tower of London

Saturday, 24 October 2009

London Anime MCM Expo 2009

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 1

Went to this today, one of the rare times i jounrney from my rural living to the big city Lon Don. MCM Expo is i think the UK biggest Film, Game and Anime convetion i the UK and seems to be getting bigger every year. Had really good weather all week but being Britian you just know that its going to be typical grey overcast and rainy when you want to go to anything your excited about.

Took me over 2 hours to get there, then it was almost a 3 hour wait in a the biggest queue ive ever been in, photos show the UK biggest indoor area and that where the biggest queue was aswell. Lesson learn't next year buy in advance.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 - One long Queue 1

That guy with the green hat from the Momins?

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 - One long Queue 2

Freaking wicked Warthog from Halo, appreantly built for a fan film which is amazing feat. Going to get the ODST game when it reduce in price a little.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 - Halo Warthog

Stormtroopers, at nearly every event where you can cosplay and always awesome, 501st Leagion "Vader Fist"

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 Stormtrooper!

Ranka Lee, too damn cute, wish i got some more photos of just her and some decent weather. Lovely.


Ghostbusters Ecto-1, super cool. Also had a Back to the Future DeLorean but some sort of event near it so i could'nt get near. Dragonball Z game in the background but becasue of how many people there where i did'nt really want to wait around for a space to play.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 Ghostbuster Ecto-1

The Doctor's Tardis, the luminus green sign says £5 for a photo with the Tradis, just took this one instead.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 - Tardis

Looking forward to Avatar, going to Imax to see this, only ever seen Imax films about Dinosaur and Under see Creatures at the Sinence Museum. Was cool and the size of the screen was a shocker.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 1

Amazing Republic Commando, talk about taking cosplaying to the next level.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 - Republic Commando

Only took me about 2 hours to have alook around the event, the outside to see all the crazy young cosplayer run around "Free Hug" each other.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 - The old dockland cranes

During the Star Wars Celebration 2 years ago, alol us Star Wars fans watched s A new Hope outside on the green there, it wasa great sunny august day to watch one of my favorite films surrounded by other star wars fans.


Opening Ceremonies Overhead

Did'nt really take that much photos, my DSLR is too damn big, so i would just put it in my backpack and forget to take any pics. Took this before i left, when the cosplayers started to come out in force and "Free Hug" each other.

London Anime MCM Expo 2009 - Cosplayers start to go outside and hug each other.