Sunday, 26 April 2009

Macross 1/144 VF-1J and Macchi Mc.200 WIP

VF-1J and Mc.200 WIP

Started on the VF-1J and Macchi Mc.200 yesterday, the Mc.200 is the best fit ive seen yet, almost seamless.

Working on 3 VF-1J's at the same time, Max, Milia and Hiakru. I take them apart and remove all the excess factory glue then fill in the the seams with putty. I'll start sanding them down today, outside so that no dust in my work area to stop any dust mixing when i paint.

Replace the wings on Hikaru so that movable like Max's and no weapon on the wings, prefer my TV version of SDFM to be without a payload.

Until next Deculture.


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