Saturday, 25 April 2009

Minicraft 1/144 P-51D Mustang

1/144 Minicraft P51-D Mustang 1

My second completed kit, a P-51D Mustang, an American legend.

The best kit from the ebay win of 4 Minicraft 1/144 Famous Aircraft of World War 2 and the best of the bunch.
Some really nice panel lines on the this and a really nice level of detail but the fit was not what i called great, quite a bit of putty needed to fill in the seams. Painted it up per the instructions and used the decals supplied which i thought was the best part of the kit.

1/144 Minicraft P51-D Mustang 2

Used mostly Citadel paints for this as i really like the metallic paints, 3 different silver which i used for various panels to make it look the metel used was not all from the same pile, like maybe it got damaged in a previous engagement andf had to have a couple of panels replaced.

Minicraft 1/144 P51-D Mustang 3

Best part of this kit was the landing gear, surprised how good they actually turned out.
Once painted and decaled the entire model was given a wash of Promodellers Wash, which is really great stuff, fills in all the panel line and weather up the aircraft which really brings out the detailing the kit.

Gave this kit a 3/5 when i first purchased it but now it complete i'll give it a little raise 3.5/5. Great value for the money.


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