Wednesday, 29 April 2009

[Kit Review] - F-toys 1/144 - Star Wars Vol.1 - X-wing -

F-toys 1/144 Star Wars Vol.1 X-wing 1

Recently got a whole load of the 1st volume of the Star Wars 1/144 collection from F-toys, volume 2 has just been releashed in Japan but i haven't got them yet. Volume 1 includes X-wing, Tie-fighter, EpIII Jedi Startfighter, Naboo Starfighter with Droid Fighter and AT-ST with articulated legs with a speederbike. As with nearly all 1/144 in Japan there is usually a case special, the one for this volume is a Tie fighter Tank which is EU so don't really have any interest in.

F-toys 1/144 Star Wars Vol.1 X-wing 3

Start off with the X-wing because it so frickin cool and the detail on this is amazing, excellent paint work but still quite alot of room for improvement to make it sereen acurate. Landing gear is really nice can have it up or down but looks very fragile. Comes with a stand with some little details about the X-wing displayed and has a ball-joint so that the fighter can be posed in what ever position i thinks cool.

Comes with some Decals for the gun barrels which look like they'll be a little annoying to get correct. What would have been nice would be that instead of the red marking already painted onto the X-wing i could use decals to choose which pilot ride i like most like Biggs or Wedge but still Luke is the one who piloted this fighter and blew up the Death Star.

F-toys 1/144 Star Wars Vol.1 X-wing 2

Nice little instructions sheet, shame i can't read much of it. The back has how to assemble the fighter as per the top photo and i guess this front has info about the X-wing. Like the chart showing which film each vehicle appeared in.

The wing open and close, awesome!


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kuekbrianxx said...

Hi, AntSizedMan.

I just bought some F-Toys Star Wars 1/144 model kits.

I'm new to this hobby. How do I apply the decals?
Soak them in water for a few seconds, and then slide them off to paste on the model kit? Or are they like stickers, I can just peel them off?

Thank you for your help.

Warm regards,