Wednesday, 22 April 2009

[Kit Review] - Sweet 1/144 - Macchi Mc.200 -

Sweet 1/144 Macchi Mc.200

A new kit from Sweet of a plane ive never heard of an Italian Macchi Mc.200. Another amazingly detail kit, the bombs are the best ive ever seen in a 1/144 kit. I reckon this might be one of the first Sweet kits. There no instruction sheet as they are on inside the the box which means i'll have to take the box apart to build this little beauty.

On the box it says "Easy to build, Just 1 Min" which i find kinda unlikely unless im actually a really slow modeller than most. 6 decal option which seams to be the usually excellent choice you get from Sweet and looking forward to painting this one, the Italian had some cool camo design just hope i can pull them off with a brush.

Nothing special about the box art, no beautiful painting of the aircraft or Nasa-Chan anime style art.


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