Sunday, 27 March 2016

Trains in the garden

Im back but ot 1/144, OO gauge, Zombie post risen from the dead, yeah something new :-)

Trains in the garden

Was great weather for playing with my old hornby.
For a very long time ive wanted a garden railway, so i got out the old hornby from the loft and set in up on this little wall in the garden, had a great time running this little guys.

Cat attack!

He was on the hunt when ever the pug was in action.

Garden railway?

Used up every piece of track, needs a good clean to help the dc flow.

The stock

I can safely say that out of everything ive got in oo gauge i'd only keep a quarter and dicth the rest. And that quarter would need some work.

OO gauge in the open.

Won't be in this garden but i can imagine a great layout for long trains to run on.