Thursday, 28 April 2011

FeResin 1/144 - TA-7C Corsair II - Completed

First completed resin kit the TA-7C Corsair II from FeResin, got to say at the moment i prefer injection kits but that's only because Ive been building them since i started modeling.

The aircraft depicted is from the U.S Naval Air Weapon Station China Lake, its where the US Navy test out there new weaponry, wonder how you get a cool job like that, bombs away.

The Ycraft decals, very thin and look great once applied. Need to be a bit more defined and have sharper colour, his website no longer works?

Pirates firing laser beams from there only remaining eyes, yep your screwed.

FeResin 1/144 - TA-7C Corsair II - Completed - 2

Best cockpit ive done so far, tried to copy a 1/48 resin kit, can just  see the rivet on the wings using the trumpeter river maker, not really made for the scale.


Used the camera on my new phone Nexus S, freaking close-ups are better than both my other cameras, what up with that?

Monday, 25 April 2011

1/144 HG - Gundam Ver.G30th to RGM -79 - GM conversion. - WIP -1

Learn from the other 2 Gunpla ive modeled and get the joints painted first. Hope this mean the the rest of the GM will be easier to paint now that these are done.

Sprayed grey from a rattle can then detail added copying the full size Gundam, nice and easy.


Saturday, 23 April 2011

1/144 HG - RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.G30th - GM conversion.

Got the RG Gundam on the way to me but have had this unbuilt since i bought it last year maybe?

So going to convert this into a GM, aftter getting the Master Archive book im now really wanting to model one. Think as the RG is very detailed but very similar to this, converting would work quite well as it has less detail just like the GM to Gundam.

Figured out what needs to changed expected for the front skirt / waist guard. Gundam has a 3 piece while GM has a simple 2 or 1 piece, can't quite figure out how to do that.


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Master Archive Mobilesuit - Earth Ferderation Force RGM-79 GM

Another new mook in the Master collection from GA Graphic but this time from Gundam and what a great one to start with the GM. While all the Macross mooks are Master File, looks like Gundam gets Master Archive and it certainly is. A section on all the GM's in the Universal Century from the original Gundam up to Double Zeta with the GM III. 130 pages of mecha goodness.

First page has the contents and cool image of GM , like how the shields floating next to him while being refueled above Earth.


Not so many photos as the Macross Master File has but still has lots.


Decided im going to model a GM just like this, seems like most parts are similar to 1/1 Gundam.


Every GM has it own section starting like this, the original GM has about 20 pages with each dedicated to each part of it body.


All about the Type C.


Nice one sheet of the Type C, as a cold weather type?


Ah, the GM Ground Type which makes the awesome sniper, will eventually model that too.


Cool photo page, one of the best MSV at the bottom, the GM Cannon and a Type C duel wielding bazookas!


Small but still interesting section on the GM Cannon, would be great to get a HG kit of this or a conversion kit.


As with the Macross Master File, the last 8 -10 pages are color or colour variations.


None of the scheme ive seen before, think the original red, torso with either the grey, blue and white body is best.


Very cool mook, one the front cover has Volume One so i reckon a Zaku version has got to be next, notice there the VF-25 coming soon too!


Space Battleship Yamato - EDF Escort Crusier - WIP 2 - Paint

Really easy paint app for these 2,  both airbrushed, colours added and panel lines done in no time, less than a hour maybe.

Just got to give them a gloss coat so i can add a few decals, then glue all the parts on and they'll be done and dusted.


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Venus Wars

One of the animes ive wanted to watch since the early 90's, not actually knowing what is was until i watched it. Back during the 90's when i was a wee lad anime was released but Manga Entertainment (yep anime company releasing anime but called after the comics?) and all the old VHS tapes would come with awesome intros previewing cool new anime. Which every anime fan would watch over and over again because of how awesome they were, corrupting the tapes by pausing and rewinding.

Love this video below, my favorite which has Venus Wars included also Fist f the Northern Star, Akira, A-ko, Tank Police and not sure but think the other is Odin? Back then i thought anime from Japan was only sci-fi and extreme violence (had to watch this stuff at my friends house who parents worked late, my mother would never let me watch this stuff)

Anyway Venus Wars is OK, nothing special really, has cool tanks, sweet one wheeled motorbikes and OK action with a story is is meh. Watch it if you want a sci-fi anime fix without having to think.


Friday, 15 April 2011

Space Battleship Yamato - EDF Escort Crusier - WIP 1

Very easy going with these 2 little kits, basically glue two pieces of the hull together add the wave motion gun, putty and sand. Thinned down the antenna, those were very chunky.

Will paint all the small parts separately then assemble at the finale stage. Quite like the little stand you get for both these cruiser, with the arrows like the crew of the Yamato have on the shirt, space anchor?

Will probably paint tomorrow, one canon yellow, grey and the other my own custom scheme which i might be blue?


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sweet 1/144 - Hawker Hurricane - WIP 3 - Decaled and almost finished.

The very nice Sweet 1/144 Hawker Hurricanes decaled and nearly completed. Think they look really good as of now with the gloss coat which i think i will keep on the green and brown but go for a matt look on the desert so it looks sun baked.

Having a bit of trouble painting the canopy on the tropical Hurricane, the sand colour i realised didn't look correct because of the grey primer. Been mixing the grey and sand together hoping it will look correct.

Little weathering, attach the canopy and completed what is a very satisfying build.


Sunday, 10 April 2011

[Kit Review] - Space Battleship Yamato - EDF Escort Crusier -

Space Battleship Yamato - EDF Escort Crusier

Great little Escort Cruiser seen in Space Battleship Yamato series 2. After i completed the series i really wanted to model some of the new Earth Defense Force space battleships like the Andromeda but settled for this very cheap and cheerful kit, which you get 2 of.

This kit is over 30 years old and look damn good for it age, very simple should take me no time. No idea what the scale is but comes from a mini-kit collection where the kits boxes are all the same so i reckon must be none scale.


Sunday, 3 April 2011

Gundam HG 1/144 - MS-09R Rick Dom - Completed

HG 1/144 - MS-09R Rick Dom - Completed - 3

Really happy with the way this has turned out, in what must be record time for me completing a model. Such a great looking mecha with a colour choice which is i would never thought would work.

HG 1/144 - MS-09R Rick Dom - Completed - 4

All the cool booster and rocket for space, really like the red on the inside like the Saturn 5 rockets.

HG 1/144 - MS-09R Rick Dom - Completed - 5

Parade ground  / Airshow style display, be great to have a dio with spectators looking up and a little fencr to keep them seperated.

HG 1/144 - MS-09R Rick Dom - Completed - 2

With the Beam Bazooka, so big the arm can't hold it up.

HG 1/144 - MS-09R Rick Dom - Completed - 

With Zaku II ala Battles of Solomon and A Baoa Q. Should add a Gelgoog.

HG 1/144 - MS-09R Rick Dom - Completed - 1

Time to buy some more, GM maybe and got to get more 0079 Zeon suits, like the look of Acguy.