Sunday, 19 April 2009

[Kit Review] - Sweet 1/144 - Wildcat VI with flight deck -

Sweet Aviation Model Division, a model company i can find very little about but who make the best 1/144 model kits ive seen so far. Limited info ive found is that this small company was set-up by a ex Tamiya employee after he retired and that they release maybe a kit each year then many variant of that kit especially Japanese Zero's.

Sweet 1/144 Wildcat VI with flight deck 1

This is the first of many of these sweet kits which ive been adding to my stash, a Royal Navy Wildcat VI with a cool looking American built Carrier Deck and cute cat crew (who i will probably not build).

Sweet 1/144 Wildcat VI with flight deck 2

Some of the box art is really excellent painting of the model or one of these anime style box art with the cute Nasa-Chan (Chan means young girl in Japanese and named after NASA which is strange as no space kits from sweet) and her little pet cat.


8! decal option for different style of Wildcat VI. Something these sweet kits have are alot of decal option which sometimes make choosing the one you want difficult, almost makes you want to buy multiple kits and build them all.
That would end up being costly as these kit cost around £10 each in the UK.

Sweet 1/144 Wildcat VI with flight deck 3

The instructions are quite nice, kinda cartoon-ish with lot of description telling you what to do and how to make different version like a different engine or antenna.
The plastic is top quality and the paneling lining is the business, looking forward to seeing what the fit will be like especially as these are made in Japan instead of the obvious China.

The reason i looked into the Tamiya extra Thin Cement is because there a little picture telling you to use it in the instruction, also to get a Osprey Aces of WW2 book which is on the way.

This kit is a big 5/5 so far.


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