Friday, 24 April 2009

1/144 Gundam 00 Exia: staright from the box.

1/144 Gundam 00 Exia 1

Here is my first Gunpla built straight from the box following the instructions. No glue need at this stage, really impressive fit and level of engineering with this. How the separate parts fit together to make an almost seamless fit is amazing but i will be using glue when i start to build this as a proper model instead of the toy it looks like.

I don't like all the extra pieces like the swords and shields, i think the make the gundam look way too busy. Prefer it to like the photo below, just the gundam in a strong pose.


The kit comes with some cool clear parts, only problem os that they got all scratched on the way from Japan, will probable have to paint them up the colour they are in the anime and give them lot of gloss.

Favorite part is the legs, wicked engineering with them.


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