Sunday, 31 January 2010

Snap fit 1/144 M353A4 Blood Hound or Type 71 Hover Truck

Snap fit 1/144 M353A4 Blood Hound or Type 71 Hover Truck - 2
Quickly assembled this today, fit quite nicely. Little bit of work to be done on this which ive seen other 1/144 modellers do and which i will hope to copy.

Have not done anything else much over the last fortnight due to the weather being so ruddy cold. Even though the house is nice and toastie warm, my fingers can't really handle modelling.
Its like because it so cold, the bones in my figures can feel it even though it warm inside, very strange and makes them feels less responsive.
Means like alot of people arounf this time of year i get to watch TV, mostly anime which im speeding through and playing video games in the warmest rooms in the house.

Snap fit 1/144 M353A4 Blood Hound or Type 71 Hover Truck - 1

With the Type 61 or M61A5 MBT

1/144 Type 61 with the Blound Hound
One amazing thing about such low temperatures is the stars, don't know why but when cold the stars look fantastic and one of my aims for this year is to learn constellation which ive already nailed a few.


Sunday, 24 January 2010

HG 1/144 U.C. Hardgraph RX-79(G) Gundam - The Ground War Set -

HG 1/144 RX-79(G) Gundam - The Ground War Set -

Cool set which when i saw it was an instant buy, first becasue its from The 08th Mobile Suit Team and then it came with what i thought of as the Type 71 Hover Truck but here it is the M353A4 Blood Hound.

Really like the U.C.HardGraph line hope there more in the future regarding 1/144 scale, like some Zeon tanks or the Dopp.

Blood Hound is a bit toyish so a bit of work need to make this look real military like, this is going to be one of my next builds.

M353A4 Blood Hound, i thought it was Type 71 Hover Truck


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

[Kit Review] - F-Toys 1/144 - Thunderbird 4 -

F-Toys 1/144 Scale - Thunderbird 4 - 1
As soon as i saw that F-toys where acquired the Thunderbird license i was pretty much sold on buying a case but then i was discovered that only Thunderbird 4 would be the only 1/144 scale rescue vehicle, kinda of a let down. But hey getting at least on is better than none.

Alright little machine with all the detail there from what i can tell, something that stands out to me is how visiable the joins ands seams are.

F-Toys 1/144 Scale - Thunderbird 4 - 4

Great little touch is Internatiol Rescue pilot inside Gordon Tracy.

F-Toys 1/144 Scale - Thunderbird 4 - 3

The writing is nicely done for a factory app, still would have prefer decals as then i could re-paint it they apply nice crisp lettering.

F-Toys 1/144 Scale - Thunderbird 4 - 6

Comes with the quality F-toys stand which comes with the Star Wars vehicles, this time in a midnight blue instead of black.

F-Toys 1/144 Scale - Thunderbird 4 - 5

Usual l/144 packaging from most companys, always like the intruction sheet. Can pactice my Japanese (which is bad) and like all the info which you can kind of work out not knowing Nihon-go. From the scale guide i never realised how massive Thunderbird 3 is, wonder if its the same size as the Saturn 5?

F-Toys 1/144 Scale - Thunderbird 4 - 7
Love this intro so much, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. Thunderbirds are GO!

If only i could own a 1/144 Thunderbird 2... Please takara re-release that beauty.
Ian F.A.B.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Art of AVATAR - James Cameron's Epic Adventure -

The Art of AVATAR - James Cameron's Epic Adventure - 1

I really enjoyed this film which i watched in Real 3D, an experiance i want to enjoy again i hope soon.

As with nearly every film i like i tend to have a look to see what books are available and with Avatar this was a instant buy.

Really nice art book this, though could have been bigger at only 108 pages, but i think it has nearly everything covered. Even though i bet that for every picture in this book there are 100 more pictures that illustrate such item.

The Art of AVATAR - James Cameron's Epic Adventure - 2

Real NASA style spaceship, surprised that such a cool piece of equipment was only on screen for minutes.

The Art of AVATAR - James Cameron's Epic Adventure - 3

Overlooking Pandora, your not in Kansa anymore.
The Art of AVATAR - James Cameron's Epic Adventure - 4

Thought the idea of a VTOL space shuttle to be quite amazing, i imagine it must also take off which we did'nt see as i did'nt notice any runway.

The Art of AVATAR - James Cameron's Epic Adventure - 5
 "Hallelujah Mountains"

The Art of AVATAR - James Cameron's Epic Adventure - 6

The Samson, a sci-fi Huey, amazing no one thought using the iconic design before.

The Art of AVATAR - James Cameron's Epic Adventure - 7

The Na'vi, i was convinced there real and "very hard to kill".

The Art of AVATAR - James Cameron's Epic Adventure - 8
The Thanator, James cameron said they could eat a Alien Queen for breakfast but i doubt it.

The Art of AVATAR - James Cameron's Epic Adventure - 9

The sweet AMP suit with the badass Colonial Quaritch. Been waiting since Robot Joch to see a mecha which copies the actions of the controller or pilot

The Art of AVATAR - James Cameron's Epic Adventure - 10

Lovin the human hardware, just like the marines in Aliens.That machine looks deadly.

The Art of AVATAR - James Cameron's Epic Adventure - 11

The Dragon, a massive transport come death o'maker

The Art of AVATAR - James Cameron's Epic Adventure - 12

Amazed by the night time bioluminescence, was'nt expecting to see such a sight.

The Art of AVATAR - James Cameron's Epic Adventure - 13

Going to Also buy  Avatar: A Confidential Report on the Biological and Social History of Pandora which looks Like its the end all of books on Pandora.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Star War The Clone Wars - Clone Commanders -

All the clone commanders from hasbro that ive so far bought Clone Commander Gree, Clone Commander Cody and Clone Captain Rex.

Really like these figures, so much better than the on i had like 10 years ago but then they where half the price.

Lovin Season 2 of The Clone Wars, which i now get to watch on which has changed since season 1 which i think was only available in USA.

Clone Commaders 1

Clone Commaders 2

Clone Commaders 4

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Star Wars - Obi-Wan's Blue Eta-2 Jedi Interceptor - 1/144 Scale

Obi-Wan Kenobi blue Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor or Jedi Interceptor which he used to hunt for General Grevious in the Utapau system.

F-toys 1/144 scale starfighter with S-foils in closed postion, repainted, decals then applied which. Finished with some Pro-modeller's wash and a little weatheirng with the Tamiya masters.

Really happy with the way it turned out, amazing that such a vehicle so small has such a level of detail, even a simple cockpit inside which most of the Star Wars vehcile from F-toys except there hidden behind the black windows.



Obi-Wan's 1/144 Eta-2 Jedi Interceptor



Giant Robo OVA - The Day the Earth Stood Still -

Giant Robo OVA - The Day the Earth Stood Still -

This is one awesome OVA which surprisingly has very little mecha action and Giant Robo seems to stand mothionless most of the time. Its more "character driven" which seems to always work in good sci-fi ala Battlestar Galactica. 

Always like to see steampunk and this has plenty of it, all the mecha are big lumbering steal giants with exposed rivets with the world they inhabit a future world with that industrial victorian style.

Strange thing about the anime is that Giant Robo and  Daisaku Kusuma are the only characer from the original Gaint Robo, seems that every other character is taken from Mitsuteru Yokoyama library of work. Amazing that such a thing could happen and turn out so good.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Decaled Eta-2 Jedi Starfighter on the iTouch, its quite small.

iTouch for scale, Eta-2 is quite small.

Decaled up and ready a wash for the panel lines and then a clear coat.

Wanted something to show how small this is but thought a coin would be wrong as there a quite a few of them in the world and when i seen never know how big the blogger currency actuallt is as we have coins which go from small to quite big (for coins).

Figured that most who would visit a blog would have seen, held or owned a iTouch or iPhone. Scratched the iTouch last week, corner closet in the photo, AHHH! Now i buy a protective screen, after the horse has bolted as they say.


Thursday, 7 January 2010

Built straight from the box HG - MS-09 Rick / MS-09R Rick Dom -

Bandai 1/144 HG - MS-09 Rick / MS-09R Rick Dom - 4

As its a little bit cold lately in what the news is calling "The Big Freeze" ive had time in the evenings to build this guy. Only dry fitted it and added a little panel lining but even with just that im really happy with the way he looks..

One of the best HG gunpla designs ive built and seen, hardly any visible join lines, which will make modeling this guy easier, also the shoulders are in one piece which is fantastic, no putty need.

Even has a piece of clear plastic which covers the mono eye, ive only seen that in MG and up, well impressed. Shame no double elbow joint though, would have been a nice addition with the big bazookas this guys packing..

Really like the military style display shot below, no idea what that kind of photo is called.

Bandai 1/144 HG - MS-09 Rick / MS-09R Rick Dom - 3

Massive beam bazooka.

Bandai 1/144 HG - MS-09 Rick / MS-09R Rick Dom - 1

Favorite wepaon from the entire UC, love how this bazooka is a mix of german WW2 and sci-fi.

Bandai 1/144 HG - MS-09 Rick / MS-09R Rick Dom - 2

Makes the Zaku II looks like a right skinny mecha. Did'nt realize how big the Dom was until i put it up against the one eyed green one.

HG - MS-09 Rick / MS-09R Rick Dom with his follow zeon mecha Zaku II -

In the intructions, there is guide about what was different between the Rick and Rick Dom, not quite sure if ive got it right but i think ive done a Rick Dom which i think what written on Katakana is the space type.


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Another snow day in Berkshire


Woke up this morning the deepest snow i think ive ever experianced in Berksire. So pretty, almost like whats seen on christmas cards. Reckon a depth of 8-10 inches.


Got to leave work early and go out and have some fun, just before it got dark thought i'd take a walk around and take some snaps.

Saw this and thought of Narina and The lion, the witch and the wardrobe.














At the end of the day im knacarded and have very cold toes, time for a hot chocolate.