Monday, 6 April 2009

Introduction and first post!

Hello all

Names Ian and i'm going to use this blog as record of my little adventure through 1/144 scale modeling and blogging about anything else i like in general.

Recently wanted to get back into model after giving it up when i was 14/15 about 10 years ago, and what interested me after some research was the Japanese modeller who do awesome work in 1/144 scale. (Also really interested in Japan, taking Japanese lessons and watch alot of anime)

Got the idea for the name for the blog from a kit which i bought and reckoning that the cockpit was made for an ant to pilot. Once summers hit i will see if i can taking a photo of an ant next to a 1/144 figure to see the size difference. Leave a apple core out in the garden and see it be engulfed by the little blighters.

Going to start by doing some reviews of kit i have so far acquired and how i get along with building them.


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