Thursday, 4 August 2011

Real Grade 1/144 - RGM-79 GM conversion - WIP - Progress so far...


This is where im up to right now, really happy with the progress. Was going to enter into the Europe Gunpla Cup, but really now doubt i will make the deadline, not going to rush this one.

From the top.
Monitor/Head, Still adjusting the ridge to fit as i want it, with a MS Pilot
Cockpit - Complete, first thing done.
Waist - Is basically complete, changed a few bit, have cut up the center groin part to fit under the guards, have no idea how i should panel line up the guards?
Legs/Shins-  Lower part of the shins i have added plasticard to fill in the gaps where the gundam has some vents and have yet to start what i think it the most difficult part, the knees.
Backpack -  All done, liking the single beamsaber there.

Also on the feet, i fill in the front panel line running straight through the center of each, not a fan of that, looks to me to be too much of a bad seam as most gunpla don't have that.


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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The RG GM is rising. Ha! Ha! The EFSF pilot is very well painted. You have good hands for miniatures.