Wednesday, 24 August 2011

HGUC - Mobile Suit Gundam - RB-79 BALL - WiP 1 -

HGUC - Mobile Suit Gundam - RB-79 BALL - WiP 1 - by AntSizedMan
Started one of the Balls up during the weekend with the hope of adding to the European Gunpla Cup over at MAC forum.

This one im planing om completed by the weekend if the decals ive ordered from Samuel Decal arrive by then. Going to paint this in pure anime colours in that light blue grey with only a little improvement detail wise with decals and the verniers and engines painted metal instead of the red.

Really simple kit to glue and putty, only major seam line are on the weapon, going to give them a wash now and prime later on this evening.


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