Sunday, 31 July 2011

[Kit Review] - Revell Vs DML Dragon 1/144 - A-10 Thunderbolt -

Bought both these A-10 Thunderbolt to find out which id best and it looks like the the Dragon kit wins hands down.

The dragon kit has superior detail, best ive seen i reckon. Amazing little cockpit, can see buckle on the straps, piping behind the ejection seat and with all the control panels present. And like nearly all Dragon kit a fantastic selection of weapons to load up the Hog with, enough for maybe 4 sorties each with a different selection of bombs and missiles.



Revell kit, which i must be a repackage because it does not compare to the usual Revell standards still has a few good points, looks like it would be the easier kit to build, lots of nice straight line with no flash which the Dragon has quite a bit of and has a better engine turbines, will probable use them inside the the dragon jets. Seems also to be somewhat larger the the dragon kit and the landing gear it very toyish.


Both have basically the same looking decals for the standard Hog, Dragon has the very striking display scheme but becoming less of a fan of those sort of livery, prefer a plane that it painted for combat. Gt to have the shark teeth on mine.

Looking forward to building this gorgeous looking jet, Tankbuster!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kit review! Seems like I picked up the wrong one. Revell's is indeed a re-release of an older kit. Will get the Dragon one too then!

Ant Sized Man said...

Just this eveing started building it, reckon it will look great but will need a lot of work im thniking from only doing maybe a hours worth so far.

Igor said...

Nice review. I bought Dragon and I like open-top box, 1+1, little bags, extra parts... :)
I hope that new Revell F-15 will not be re-packed. Also waiting F-16 from Trumpeter.
Tnx for wash info.

Dunari said...

Revell is repack of Korean or Chinese Ace Corporation. Tail fin is incredible crap ;) I hope that decals are far way better than in ACE corp.

Glehn said...

I built the DML A-10 a few years ago.

It is a nice kit. I remember having some troubles fitting the nose gear bay into the fuselage.
Looking forward to see yours...

Anonymous said...

Uhm ... Revell is certainly not "repacking Ace kits". Ace (they're Korean, not Chinese) is merely producing kits for Revell, according to Revell's specifications and using Revell's molds. In case of the A-10, Revell reused a mold, that's roughly 20 years old and was itself a copy of an even older kit from LS, that was reissued by other companies too (Matchbox for example). That explains the substandard quality compared to Revell's newer releases. To my knowledge, the upcoming F-15 will be a completely new construction, just like their recent F-18s and F-14s. I really hope my information is correct, we could really use a good F-15 kit!

Ant Sized Man said...

Cheers all!

Igor - Heard about the Revell F-15 which ive read might be from Korea, Ace corp maybe? Trumpeter F-16! Bring it on, evey other F-16n ive bought has been lacking.

Dunari - Shame about the Ace Corp decals, they have a really nice looking scheme.

Glehn - Great build! Only just started the cockpit and your Small Scale Shop! Awesome!

ANON - Really hope Revell will release a new F-15, ive bought a few various F-15 and they all seem to be the same kit repackaged for every company.

pelm said...

About Revell F-15E.
A guess, that is complete new kit, probably rescale from Revell's 1/48.
Here's my review (in russian, but sprues shots talk for itself )