Thursday, 11 August 2011

Century Wings + DML Dragon 1/144 - US Navy Aircraft Crew - Painted Wip

This is what i thought was all the 1/144 US Navy carrier crew i had painted but just found about 3 i missed, always something i miss. I think it a great improvement from the original paint on the metal Century Wings figures and after a new paint app those look really good. Also got 3 sprues of the Dragon crew, which are also quite nice. Manged to paint them like a factory to, all the jersey, then all the trouser, then gloves etc, think it might have been about 3 hours total.

Here's a guide to what each colour on the carrier deck means if your interested.

Guess only the grapes have nicknames?

1 comment:

chrismandesign said...

these guys look great, even funny!!!... the colors r bright & i’m still wondering how could this b possible???... definitely u have great skills man, these figures will look fantastic in any dio u use them =)