Thursday, 18 August 2011

1/144 - US Navy Carrier Tow Tractors and Fire Engines -

As i was painting the carrier crew, i decaled up these Tractors and Fire Engines from DML Dragon and Century Wings .

I built the Dragon kits and painted them quite some time ago but never got around to finishing them, ive got alot of WiPs. The metal Century Wing tractor i decaled and weathered at the same time, used Starfighter decals and Dragon own to decal them all.

Should look good on some dio once i finish up some US Navy jets. Think that on that during the 80's Tractor were yellow while now the seem to be white.



chrismandesign said...

this is an incredible job man !!! such tiny vehicles must b really hard to paint... with the crew & decals they look fantastic =)

Ant Sized Man said...

Cheers, for some reason have always enjoyed painting the real small things, not sure why.