Sunday, 21 August 2011

[Kit Review] - Space Battleship Yamato 1/144 - Black Tiger -

Space Battleship Yamato - 1/1/44 Black Tiger - 1 by AntSizedMan

Recently found this on eBay, not something i knew about at all amd no idea when these where released. Looks like a selection of 1/144 scale figther including the Cosmo Zero and Black Tiger from Iscandar season and the Cosmo Tiger II both single and double seater that turn in nearly every anime after season 1.

Has a little pilot in the cockpit which is basically a blob of a helmet but its painted in the right colours. Check out those wings/fins, very 70's. After the Black Tiger i can't remember seeing the arrow on any other fighter or ship.

DSC07450 by AntSizedMan

Your standard size Gasphon box, must a generic vending machine size.

Space Battleship Yamato - 1/1/44 Fighter Mechanical Collection by AntSizedMan

Perfect compared to the line art and really dig that colour scheme with the light blue grey underbelly coping a bunch of sea creatures.

Space Battleship Yamato - 1/1/44 Black Tiger - 1 by AntSizedMan

Going to try and get some Cosmo Tiger II next and repaint them.


chrismandesign said...

hey !!! nice addition & i have some of them unpublished... great detail & a more than decent paint job... these Yamato starcrafts r very hard to find in fact & the transparent stand bases r beautiful for display =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Nice trading figure and well taken pics.

bluedonkey99 said...


Do you have a photo of them along side a WWII fighter or I suppose more appropriately a 1/144 modern jet?

PS: What did you search for to find, and are they marked as 1/144 or is it your "gues-timate"?

Have you seen the kit form version os these craft?


Ant Sized Man said...

BD99 -

I can get you a photo of this up against some other 1/144 but really its the same size as the harrier.

I only stumpled upon this by luck, searching through a store on ebay, i know Bandai Ex do a 1/100 scale but thats all ive ever seen.