Sunday, 14 August 2011

[Kit Review] - Mobile Suit Gundam HGUC - RB-79 BALL -

HGUC - Mobile Suit Gundam - RB-79 BALL - Box by AntSizedMan

Grab life by the RB-79 Ball!

New get of what has to be the most feasible weapon in the Universal Century, can't be that difficult to get one of these made to work on the ISS?
Really great little duel kit of the ball, nearly all the seams are hidden as well as the the bit where the sprues where attached.

HGUC - Mobile Suit Gundam - RB-79 BALL - 3 by AntSizedMan

Really like the Ball with this cannon below.

HGUC - Mobile Suit Gundam - RB-79 BALL - 1 by AntSizedMan

The 08th Team Ball, with the weapon duel machine gun or cannon not to sure?

HGUC - Mobile Suit Gundam - RB-79 BALL - 2 by AntSizedMan

I plan on building one Real Grade style to go with GM, which i hope to improve a little and other in a straight build in the simple anime colour, that strange blue/grey.


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chrismandesign said...

hey, this pair of balls looks pretty fine (& that sounded pretty wrong HAHAHAHA)... now i see that the HG version has good details & the 2 options for weaponry r fantastic =)