Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Star Wars: Art of The Clone Wars


Always been a big fan of Art of or Making of books for movies, anime or video games, got quite a few. So much so that a shelf i had alot of them on collapse and destroyed my old chunky television and part of the surround system. was out in the garden had heard this massive crash, has this weird idea that a plane had crashed into my roof.


Received this last week which i pre-ordered from Amazon and totally forgotten about, great surprise to receive a bog heavy parcel and get an art book.


Now that Battlestar Galactica has finished airing The Clone Wars has become my favorite show, lot of bounty hunter action coming in season 2.


Massive fan of the show, brilliant how it look like a painting which trough reading this ive discovered that the creator wanted to bring a Ralph McQuarrie painting to life, which is cool idea.


The droid General Grievous, he runs away alot


Clones, lot and lots of Clones and hoping for more Clones only episodes in season 2 like "Rookies", that was a highlight.


Great opening battle from "Jedi Crash"


"Roger, Roger" I awlays find this funny, seems its the roger going to be toned down in season 2.


More droids for the clones to destroy, the commando droids where awesome, almost as a deadly as a clone trooper.


Plo Koon discovers Ashoka, never animated but a cool piece of art, thunk i might be one of the few Star Wars fans who likes Ashoka Tano.


Cool WW2 nose art for the Republic Gunships.


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LEon said...

I find these art book is much more better looking than the animation! Really worth the price you paid. Cool!