Tuesday, 11 August 2009

More Gunpla from UC 0079


Starting watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam which got me wanting to have ago at building a few gunpla from the series. Had a look around and the only olace in the UK to get any was eBay which always seems to be the case. Got these for in a lot for £20 which i thought seemed OK.

Going to build Chars Zaku first before i tackle the Guntrio. Already a big Zaku II fan, explain why i see so many Zaku models when i go searching for gunpla modeling.
Look like good kit but not as good as the gunpla from Gundam 00 i got recently. Wondering if i should paint Char's Zaku all read as the plastic looks slightly pink.

Building up quite a stash which is both a good and bad thing, end up getting to many to build or store anyway.



Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Now you really have Gunpla during your free time. How long do you normally take to build one?

Ant Sized Man said...

Reckon the first 2 took me about 2 hours, just built Chars Zaku and that was under a hour. Really enjoyable until i realize i left a part out and have to try and pull the snap joint apart.

LEon said...

Oh my goodness. the classic gundam gangs! 01-04!! I used to have 1-3 toys in my childhood. they even come with shooting missiles! If i saw 2-3 again, i will get it man!

btw thanks for linking me up. I have linked to yours too.