Saturday, 1 August 2009

Star Wars 1/144 Snowspeeder

Star Wars 1/144 Snowspeeder 2

First Star Wars ive worked on,always been one of my favorite Star Wars vehicles, the SnowSpeeder from The Empire Srikes Back.

Star Wars 1/144 Snowspeeder 1

The one with orange marking is Rogue Two which took down the AT-AT with the harpoon, the other is just a random background Snowspeeder which i noticed in the hoth hange there are alot of very dirty looking snowspeeder so i made one of those. had to do a repaint of Lukes snowspeeder because it had a bad factory paint-app.

Star Wars 1/144 Snowspeeder Rogue Two 2

Then added the decals which are super small and then a wash with Pro-modellers wash black to bring out the panel lines which i think really brings out the detail.

Star Wars 1/144 Snowspeeder Rogue Two 3

Star Wars 1/144 Snowspeeder 3



chunky B said...

This may seem like a stupid question, but are these models or the Hasbro Titanium toys?

Ant Sized Man said...

There models, F-toys 1/144 scale Star Wars collection, i reckon this snowspeeders are about half the size of the titanium snowpseeder.