Saturday, 15 August 2009

Revoltech Neon Genesis Evangelion

Revoltech Evangelion 2

Had a little play with my revoltech EVA's which i found stashed at the back of my bits and bobs draw. Took me quite some time to get these in the poses i wanted them, i think that why i stored them away after getting a little annoyed at not getting them to look like there posed on the back of the boxes.

Revoltech Evangelion 1

First revoltechs i bought at Anime Expo in London, also got the summer version of Yotsuba, some Macross Valkyrie and Regult and maybe a few Gurren Lagann's.

Revoltech Eva Unit 02

The blue upgraded EVA Unit 00 is my favorite, great looking colour and comes with the best accessories.

Revoltech EVA Unit 00

"WHY!" can't i get Unit 01 to stand in a great berserker pose, lol. Platoon style pose instead, the head and hands for berserk are really cool little accessory.

Revolteh Eva Unit 01 "WHY!"


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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Cool pics on Revoltech Eva. Like Genesis Evangelion anime in the beginning but it gets kind of confusing towards the end. The mechs are incredible!