Sunday, 30 August 2009

Kannagi - Crazy Shrine Maidens

Kannagi - Crazy Shrine Maidens

Usual like to watch a fun anime after some awesome action packed mecha filled with angst anime.

Kannagi - Crazy Shrine Maidens was quality, filled with lot of laughs, otaku references (most i probalie missed) and cute gals too, which is always nice. Wonder how many anime there are about a young high schooler who lives on his own and happens to get a cute girl living with him, sure ive seen alot following that kinda pattern?

Directed by Yutaka Yamamoto who also directed Haruhi and some Lucky Star, he like to have dance routines in the intros. Sometimes after watching the intro several times i tend to get bored of it and skip ahead but this one i watched the into every time, think it great.

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