Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Transformers 2 Deluxe Bumblebee and Sideswipe


First transformers ive bought for about 12 years according to my Parents.

After seeing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen i really wanted to grab a few bots and have a good old play with them. Compared to the Transformers i had as a wee lad these a really amazing, i mean they look like robots when transformed and even more amazing is how good they look when in vehicle mode. I sure that the old ones i has looked like a robot in vehicle mode and still looked a vehicle in robot mode.

Looking quite amazing in car mode i think.


Took some photos of the box for Bumblebee but not all the great, wanted to get Bumblebee because he was likeone of the hero's bots of the movie and looks really cool in car mode.

I was convinced to get Sideswipe by blogger Leon who has done a fantastic review of Sideswipe. I could not get my one to stand up because he has wheels for feet which is a cool feature, always leaning against Bumblebee in my photos.

Transformers Bubblebee DSC02287

Liking this pose...shame the gun has a action feature which shoots a little projectile, would have been cooler with a sculpted gun.


Picked these up from Salisbury's supermarket one my way home from work yesterday for £12.99 each which kinda seems a little pricey. If there is a sale on Transformers i may pick up a Optimus Prime or Starscream.


Remember my father saying when i was around the age of 8 that transformers could only be transformed by an 8 year old and when i first started to transform this i thought that maybe he was right, after a few go's and staring at the instruction after every movement i gradually got the hand of transforming these which have quite amazing engineering for toys.

Thinking of giving them a lick of paint mainly on the robots part, sliver them up a bit.



LEon said...

Thanks for linking me in this post bro!

I get my sideswipe to stand by bending the knee and place one feet in front of another to distribute the weight. Try to open the feet wider and see if it works.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

You guys really tempt me to buy TF ROTF toys! Ha! Ha! Nice pics!