Thursday, 11 June 2009

Thurday evening turning into night WIP

Got quite a bit done tonight, all getting ready for some painting at the weekend i hope. If it rains then modelling with be a defiant.

Macross Phalax WIP

Taken me quite some time to get the Phalanx ready, as i now know that this is a recast that means allot of flash and allot of sanding then putty then sand again.

Received various size of display bases yesterday to see how big these wearing for little diorama, going to have the Phalanx being guided by a little technician to the front for a Daedalus attack.

Ghost Squadron WIP

All the part for Skull squadron are ready to be painted, another lot of putty than Sand with these, took me almost a fortnight and most of the sanding was done outside in the sun so avoid lots of dust on the other models.

F-14 Tomcat WIP

Trying to detail up the F-14 tomcat as much i can witg the Revell kit, should have taken a photo looking toward the intrucment panel so to see all the decal inside with a little paint i added, can just see them on the left side.

Jaguar and Typhoon WIP

Almost completed Revell Eurofighter Typhoon and Academy Jaguar, use the micro set on these two and the stuff is really amazing, really makes the decals look like they are painted in, couple of clear coats and a bt more weathering and the should be done. Wonder if should make little dioramas for these?



Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Bro! You really mean business man! These will be totally mind blowing! AWESOME!

RiP666 said...

what a great job...salute for you ^^

Pim said...

Just stumbled on your blog, but you should use the Micro Sol to make them blend in ;) Micro Set is for applying only, to make it stick better, but Sol is for blending them in :D