Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Academy 1/144 Sepecat Jaguar (Gulf War 1)

Academy 1/44 Sepecat Jaguar 2

Recently finished up the Academy 1/144 Sepecat Jaguar which i started over 3 months ago. Painted it up as a Gulf War 1 version because i had yet to paint anything in desert camouflage and wanted to see what the Tamiya paint i bought looked liked when finished.

Academy 1/44 Sepecat Jaguar 3

Had to take picture outside because indoors i just could not get any decent photos.

I did some research about this particular Jaguar YZ375 and it turns out that the decals which come with the kit are for about half way through he Gulf War because when the war ended there were 3 lines of missiles below the cockpit to show how many sorties this fighter carried out while this one only has 1 and a half lines. Also has the "the Guardian Reader" on the nose which is a cool little detail, had to use Revell decals for the British logo as the one supplied looked more like pink than read. Painted on all the chip work because i thought it looked really good in the photo showing wear and tear, might have gone a bit over board with it me thinks.

Academy 1/44 Sepecat Jaguar 3

The armament also come from a Revell kit as the Academy ones were big time bad, zero detail.
If i make another one i will not be having the landing down as that is also not very good and the canopy is too small as well.

Thought i got a bargain with this cheap kit but alas i discovered that there is a reason for these kits being cheap, low quality.
Still think i made a good effort with this one and did learn a few things with this kit.



LEon said...

I love the weather effect of paint chips. I can never do that. LOL

Ant Sized Man said...

Check out Pro-modellers wash, really great for weathering.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Thank for the information sharing. These planes are used in gulf war. 3 types of missiles could be mauled to the plane too. Very realistic!