Saturday, 20 June 2009

Robot Carnival

Robot Carnival

An anime film which best described as Fantasia meets Heavy Metal without the nudity but with robots instead.

One of the anime i remember seeing a trailer of like 10 years ago and only recently rediscovered it when i was searching for some anime from the 80's. Really like the anime back then when there was no CGI and just quality animation.

Robot Carnival consists of 9 short story directed by 9 top anime animators telling there own tale with a robot. Some really great ones and some not so good, personal choice i guess.

Link to wiki which explains it better than what i can

My favorites story's where Deprive, Nightmare and the Opening, Ending and Epilogue which is the Robot Carnival.

Not a big fan of Cloud, should give it another chance, just read what is was about and really did not notice as i found it quite boring.

Hope that is will be released in the future in HD, the version i watched looked like it been transferred from VHS on to DVD just like the Macross Plus i bought a year ago. Very disappointing as the animation is top quality.


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mybowlerlookfuck said...

yeah i miss the old days of anime so much too, were there was depth and art involve, not just cat girls and pink haired girls that all live in the same house and want to have sex with the same shy boy, i miss the violence the horror the sex the death that way put in such a beautiful way.