Thursday, 4 June 2009

[Kit Review] - Sweet 1/144 - Zero Fighter and Flight Deck "TORA TORA TORA" -

Sweet 1/144 Zero and Flight Deck 1

Very cool little kit this one for Sweet kit of the week. A Zero fighter with a excellent Flight Deck with elevator from the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi during the Pearl Harbour attack.

Back of the box shows the constructions of the flight deck which i quite big compared to the little Zero.

Sweet 1/144 Zero and Flight Deck 2

Easy to follow instructions as expected, cool how you can can the end of the wings in different positions, going to go with the vertical storage option.

Sweet 1/144 Zero and Flight Deck 4

Painting and decal instructions are 1/1 with the size of the fighter when built, think i'll go with the design on the front of the box.

Sweet 1/144 Zero and Flight Deck 3

Excellent detail on the plastic and decals for the flight deck as well as the Zero, the flight deck decals should look better than if i tried to paint the white lines on.

Sweet 1/144 Zero and Flight Deck 5

Got to look up some paint for the Zero and how to paint would before i start this one. Seen some excellant little Japanese Navy crew which i coul make a little dio with for this.


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