Monday, 4 May 2009

[Kit Review] - TakaraTomy 1/144 - Armored Trooper Votoms -


Know very little about the Votoms as ive never seen any of the anime but i do like the design of these little mecha. What i do know is that it was another one of the attempt at realistic robot style anime, with mecha that are simply war machine instead of one mecha which has special powers or can transforms into something else.


Comes nicely packed with all the separate parts having there own little compartment which are held in with a lid, instructions how to assemble the votom and some information about it which is in Japanese. Comes with 2 votoms per pack, bought 4 packs so i could have a variety of parts to choose from.


These little mecha are small like 2 to 3 cm small and wicked detail at such a small size.
Don't know what each of the votoms are meant to be but really digging the black one


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