Saturday, 2 May 2009

[Kit Review] - Sweet 1/144 - Hurricane Mk1 "Battle of Britian Aces" -

Sweet 1/144 Hurricane Mk1 B.o.B. Aces 1

Another Sweet kit of the week, Hurricane Mk.1 Battle of Britain Aces not sure what the green version means yet.
Different style of box art with this kit, the classic painting of the aircraft which comes with most kits, really well done as well.

Sweet 1/144 Hurricane Mk1 B.o.B. Aces 2

Usual easy to follow instructions even though i read very little Japanese it easy enough to figure out what to do. Going to get the Osprey book as recommended.

Sweet 1/144 Hurricane Mk1 B.o.B. Aces 4

Excellent detailed plastic, something different here. The clear plastic has all the lights and canopy for both aircraft, saves on producing a clear only sprue i guess.

Enough decals for 5 Aces but have yet to choose which ones i want to have, definitely going for the version on on the box art and i'll pick another when i receive the Osprey Hurricane book.
The tiny decal sheet is a correct of the decals already on the big one, looks like pop-eye.

Sweet 1/144 Hurricane Mk1 B.o.B. Aces 3

Painting and decal guide also has what ariel to put on each aircraft. The side profile and birds eye view and 1/1 with the built kit, that's cool and will help.

Should get on to this sometime this week.


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