Friday, 29 May 2009

Banpresto Macross Frontier Valkyries 1/144 i hoping


Link to the orignal Japanese news:

New frontier Valks from Banpresto, really hoping these are 1/144. Doubt they will be as good as the chara-works valkyries but think this might be my only chance to own 1/144ish Messiah's

The Pic with the VF-25G in hand makes it looks promising. Means that i have the valkyrie from every series except Zero. I don't really want Macross II valkyires, don't really like the OVA.


Looks kinda toyish, wonder if it the strange soft plactic? Hope productions ones are better than these, please have good paint apps.


Skull looks good but the detail kinda lacking where the valkyrie head is.


Can have either a sniper rifle or normal gun pod on this one.


Best of the bunch, the RVF-25 looks quite cool, lets send the strange little boy out on recon.


Would love to paint one up in brown mass prodution colours, wonder of a super parts verson will be release or some Queadluun-Rea's.

1500 yen price range which i think is in the £10 price range so kinda expensive.


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