Thursday, 21 May 2009

[Kit Review] - F-toys 1/144 - Star Wars Vol.1 - Tie Fighter -


Another 1/144 Star Wars vehicle The Empires mass produced Tie Fighter.

Usual securely packed model and instructions with information about the Tie Fighter except in Japanese which means it kinda unreadable.


Super basic intruction as this is almost a toy but i will fix it up to the standard i want so that its a model.


Really excellent detail on this little fighter,one of my favorite Star Wars vehicle and it looks perfect.

Got as couple of these as i want them to flank the vol.2 Darth Vader Tie Fighter in the Death Star trench.



LEon said...

Interesting. The detail is there. Do they have a pilot in the cockpit?

Ant Sized Man said...

No pilot, there is a cockpit but it has hardly any detail. The window is really dark shade so i can't see in there but ive takne it part, looks like its the same with all the F-toys Star Wars vehicles