Sunday, 17 May 2009

Eurofighter Typhoon, Wildcar IV and USA modern support equipment WIP

Eurofighter, Wildcat, support equipment WIP

Latest kits ive put together this Sunday, a rainy day so lots of model building.

The Revell Eurofighter Typhoon is OK but i kinda thought that i was going to fit together better than what i has. Still looking nice after all the sanding ive done to get it to fit how i wanted it to.

The Sweet Wildcat IV has gone together like a dream, such high quality. This is before i assemble the front and the engine is all painted up and had a black wash over it to bring out the detail. Shame how much you can't see, there 2 shades of silver and copper there but that will be mostly hidden buy the piece on the far right which is now in place.

The Dragon Support Equipment went together nicely especially considering the size. Hope i don't break any of the little details when i started to paint them up. Don't know if i should use them for a modern USA diorama or a Macross one.


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