Saturday, 30 May 2009

New brushes and some decal softner.

Micro Sol and Set decal softner

After decaling about 5 1/144 aircraft i kinda got annoyed with my very amateur effort and had to go and search about applying decals correctly. Discovered that with every decal should be softened so that decal really adheres to the model and a decal should always be applied to a satin or shiny smooth surface, so have to put at least 2 clear varnishes onto the model and let them dry before even thinking about decaling.

Bought a Humbrol decal softener called DecalFix but it seamed to me like it did not do anything so did another search and found that most modellers use this Mirco Set and Mirco Sol. Micro Set is the one you us for flat areas which the decal will easily fit onto and Micro Sol is the one for all the tricky bits which has caused me trouble, this one really melt the decal so that it fit into any irregular are, like extreme curves on a fuselage.

Been waiting for this stuff to arrive, got a few models which i have not wanted to to decal because i knew they would not look all that great without some to help them fit.

Tamiya high finish brushes

Got a pack of these Tamiya High Finish brushes for some time ago and they a really good for someone like me whi does not yet have a airbrush. Don't know how this brushes work any better from the normal brushes i use to use. Using the flat wide brushes really makes the paint (especially Tamiya's own) applied to the model look really good. Kinda evens it out onto the model, leaving a nice even coat.

I accidentally put the middle sized brush into some super glue and as that was my favorite i immediately order some more


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