Thursday, 29 September 2011

Real Grade 1/144 - MS-06F Zaku II - WiP - The weapons


Originally i painted the zakus weapons the same colour as the plastic sprues and paint guide, black and grey. Once assembled i didn't really like the way the grey and black contrasted together and thinking about real world weaponry they tend to be all the same colour but i do like how these RG weapons have different shades so i kept the black and added another shade of black to separate up the pieces.

All the parts of the weapons on the black sprues ive kept black painted with Vallejo Air Black and the parts that are meant to be grey are 50/50 black and metallic black, tried out just metallic black first but thought it looked too silver.


Still glossed at the moment, will give them a matte coat when other parts are ready.


New hands are great, find the movable fingers a cool feature but ive had trouble trying to hold the weapons on the Gundam.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Good choice of colour for weapons. Gun metal...

Ant Sized Man said...