Sunday, 18 September 2011

Real Grade 1/144 - MS-06F Zaku II - Inner Frame


The amazing RG inner frame, increadible at this scale! Thought start the first Real Grade Zaku with the green F type, which i prefer over Chars slighty pink zak?

Instead of following the instructions, i went ahead and built and painted the inner frame and working first. All the ABS joints are Vallerjo Air Metallic Black and everything else that attaches to in in Dark Sea Grey.

Added a little detail to the cockpit with some straps on the chair and decals on the inside for electronics, Mono-eye is Tamiya Clear Red but think it might be too like, even though i prefer the mono red it seams the pink stands out more.


Was at first a big fan of the metallic sticker but after only a few days after being applied they have already start to chip, scratch and not look to good.


Painted the Hydraulic Pistons yellow and silver like a JCB, instead of the usual brass, sliver. Have a construction yard near my workplace and looking at all the work machinery noticed that none of the hydraulics are nice clean brass but are painted and when you look at other machinery are also paint instead of bare metal.

I also imagine all the machinery combining into Devastator? "Preare for annilation!"


Hoping i will have all the green painted by the end of next week, then all decaled by the end of the week after that. Ian


chrismandesign said...

i agree, the inner frame in these RGs is fantastic, specially when u look the actual size of a 1/144 gundam/zaku... those bronze details could b painted instead of the use of the foil stickers, they’re very delicate anyway... seems to b a great Zaku project =)

The Inner Geek said...

Did you have any problem getting paint to stick to the inner frame? It seems like a very rubbery plastic, like poly caps. Did you prime it first?