Saturday, 17 September 2011

Usagi Drop

Charming is about the best word i can come up to with to describe this sweet anime series, which i finished last night.

Usagi Drop is way off field for the usual anime i watch or practically all anime i watch, no mecha, no sci-fi, no action just a lovey slice of life story. if you want some short, sweet and genereally nice with a whole load of morality tales thrown in than this could be it.

Only 11 episodes, very short for an anime, so i hope that another season will be produced in the future.

Even like the girlie intro song which i downloaded to my phone, now share the same playlist as Iron Maiden  and The Clash.


koz said...

haven't seen you for a long time.

I'm watching this anime,and I love that,too.
In comic book,Rin is growing up to High-school girl.
So,I want to see that story in anime!

About 1/144 model...
The 1/144 air model competition is held from September 17 through October 9 in scale model shop at Akihabara.
And 1/144 exhibition will be held in October 30 at near Akihabara.

I will be took part in that competition and exhibition.
And I will be report either.

Ant Sized Man said...

YO Koz.
I read your blogg every week, great work on the Typhoons, the two seater is a beauty and the Saabs too. Wish i could post on your blog.

I like seeing all the 1/144 model from Project144 and i follow all the 1/144 blogger that i can find.

I might be going to Japan at the end of October, might be lucky and go to the Ocotber 30 event but its the same day i have to fly back to the UK.

koz said...

Can I see you in japan?
It's so beautiful.

About Project 144.


Day October 30.
Time Unfixed


Google Map

If you need help to access, I will guide.
When You decide detail of travel,Please give me that info.

Ant Sized Man said...

Hope i can go.

Have to check all my time as it is the day i fly back to the UK.

Even if im unable to get to the the show i will be going to Akihabara, heard its a modellers heaven.