Sunday, 25 September 2011

Real Grade 1/144 - MS-06F Zaku II - WiP - Shades of Green

Real Grade 1/144 - MS-06F Zaku II - 4 shades of Green

4 different greens needed to paint to paint up all the panels.  Took me some time to get all the parts ready and then paint.
Ive never had to remove the sprues, sand, prime and paint so many individual parts before, took quite some time.
Hoping the i choose and mixed the correct colours, will have to wait and see how they mash once the zakus assembled.

Vallejo Air colours i used.
Torso, sprue A - 22 Camouflage Green.
Panels on torso, sprue A - 60% 93 Field Green, 40% 06 Camo Light Green.
Arms, Legs, Head, sprue F, G1+2 - 95 Pale Green
Arms, Legs, Head, sprue C - 50% 95 Pale Green, 50% 09 Duck Egg Green.

Mixed up enough for maybe another 2 green zakus for future builds if i like the way this one turns out.

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