Saturday, 5 February 2011

Sweet 1/144 - Macchi Mc.200 - Wip 2 - More work on the undercarriage.


After sanding down the plasticard on the wing i started to build the new undercarriage yesterday. This is really small stuff, from one end of the new wheel bay to the other is about an inch. Cut out the shape i wanted and glued that on and when that all glued i will attempt to sand it into the correct shape hopefully being flush with the wing.

Going to be doing 2 types from the research ive done, one which is the grey is so you can see into the fuselage and the other is closed.

After i cut out the wing section and before i started to make the new wheel bays, i replaced the section part with some plasticard and once the glue dried i cut away the excess as close as i could get to the wing. then spent quite some time sanding. Looks flush but guess i won't really know until i get some paint on.

Got some of the birds ive been working on airbrushed last week, will hope to add the detail on them tomorrow.

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