Sunday, 20 February 2011

FeResin 1/144 - TA-7C Corsair II - Wip 3 - DECAL DISASTER!!!!


Decal disaster, while trying to fit the vac form canopy i totally didn't realise that the decals that i applied earlier this weak where being rubbed off by fingers. Luckily all the decals which where destroyed are generic safety, warning and national insignia which i can replace and no aircraft specific decals which would mean buying a new kit, phew.

That will teach me with to give a model a protective coat straight after decaling.

FeResin 1/144 - TA-7C Corsair II - Wip 5 -

Cleaned up the surface, to be decal again, sign. Rubbed off the destroyed decals with blu-tac which worked great and have a look through my spare decal stash to find the same types that need to be replace.
Going to use the landing gear from the f-toys kit, much better that the resin one supplied with this kit which are basically sticks.



Dennis aka Katsuden said...

if I'm wrong, there are transparent surfacer that can be applied on water slide decal like how you apply nail polish to protect the decals.

Ant Sized Man said...

Yeah there are lots of ways to protect the decal, i was too hasty and forgot to apply a clear coat after the decals were applied, only myself to blame.