Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sweet 1/144 - Hawker Hurricane - WIP 2 - Painting the camo.

Sweet 1/144 - Hawker Hurricane -  WIP 3 - Green and Brown
Classic RAF WW2 Battle of Britain and Tropical camo scheme which im guessing nearly every Britmodler had done as one of there first models, usually a Airfix 1/72 Spitfire, was my first.

The classic looking green and brown worn by most of the RAF birds during the Battle of Britain. Sprayed brown first they brush painted the green, took plenty of very thin coats of Vallejo paint to get was i was looking for.

Tropical Hurricane, airbrushed the sand first they paint on the golden brown with a brush, did try to use the airbrush with white-tac and masking tape but didn't look right.

Sweet 1/144 - Hawker Hurricane -  WIP 4 - Tropical


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