Tuesday, 8 February 2011

DML Dragon 1/144 - Ground Support Equipment -

DML Dragon 1/144  - Ground Support Equipment - 2
Built what i reckon is over a year and a half ago but into a bits box and totally forgotten about. 2 Sundays back when i had the the airbrush going i rediscovered these little gems and decided to get the painted and finished around the other models i was working on. Bought with this set what feels like a long time ago!

The Ground Support Equipment includes a EPU Tractor with added steering wheel, utility cart and oxygen / nitrogen cart, all very simple to part after a coat of yellow and high lights done with a thinned brown wash. These are tiny little objects carts must only be 1cm long with the tractor being 1.5cm long.

Should be nice little diorama objects next time i take some pics of any US Navy models i got going, Not much info i can find on the EPU Tractor but reckon it must have been replaced by more modern tractors as all the photos ive seen of this are from 80's early 90's

DML Dragon 1/144  - Ground Support Equipment - 1


chrismandesign said...

these lil’ gems r precious... i wonder how u get that amount of detail in something that tiny... OFC u should use’em in diorama with other kit, they’ll look great =)

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

I agreed with Chris on the details despite the size. For me, it's something that quite impossible to achieve without magnifying glass.

Ant Sized Man said...

A steady hand and reallt good paintbrush helps with the detailing, but still not as good as some of the amazing Japanese modellers. Those guys are crazy detail fanatics!

Ash-2 W Musser USN 1972-1978 said...

The "tractor" is an NC-8 Mobile Electric Power Plant or MEPP. These were NOT used to tow anything as they were driven by an electric motor mounted on the rear axle and deriving it's power from the on board DC generator which was in turn driven by the Detroit Diesel engine under the front hood. The cart with the gas cylinders is indeed a gaseous Nitrogen cat that had a pump to increase the pressure of the Nitrogen so as to service tires and hydraulic accumulators on equipment. As to the third piece of equipment, I'm not able to tell for sure what it is exactly so will not speculate at this time.