Wednesday, 16 February 2011

[Kit Review] - A Models 1/144 - E.E. Canberra Mk.8 -


Bought this kit so i can build my favorite English Electric Canberra the PR.9, PR for photo reconnaissance. PR9 was the last Canberra type in service with the Royal Air Force up intil 2006, 57 years after its first flight!

Reason i bought the Amodels MK.8 is because it is the only 1/144 Canberra available with the cockpit offset. Which is a very long term project.

The kit is a ok detail wise, panel line are fine but a bit scruffy, might have to rescribe the whole bird. But want is imporotnat is that the shape is right, got quite a bit off work to be done to make her a PR9, wider wings, electronic bumps and a navigators cockpit as well as a whole new undercarriage and landing which the kits really lack details. Still it not a Revell of Germany or Japanese manufacturers quality but just above the old crown kits which Minicraft still reproduce.

Kit Review - A Models 1/144 E.E. Canberra Mk.8 - Sprues

 PR9 below which i want to model in that great hemp colour i like so much and with all the cut back the armed forces are getting here in the UK, i doubt any aircraft still fly with.

Going to have to build the kit to see how good it really is, i expect alot of scratch building and putty.

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