Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Platz 1/144 - F6F Hellcat - WiP 1 - RetroWings cockpit detail set painted


The retrowings cockpit set all painted up and ready for the 2 pieces of the fuselage to be glued together and then of course most of the detail hidden .

I brush painted it and reckon the next time i paint a similar sort of resin set i will use airbrush so eliminate all of the brush strokes (but does give it a sort of "used" look).

I dried fitted the pieces first, then gave them a wash to remove any residue on the resin, painted, given a dark wash and then used a little tamiya weathering master. Really nice little instrument panel, every gauge had been painted.

Wanting to have a open canopy now.


Dazzio said...

That's some very impressive work there. I keep on looking at the Retrowings stuff mainly for the DML Dragon cockpits. I take it by your comments you'd recommend them? I also assume that the dials came painted already, or is there some parts of it that need painting still? Surprised you didn't go boss-eyed painting that little thing, looks about 1cm^2...


Ant Sized Man said...

Yeah it is about 1cm2 and as soon a my eyes start to pain i quit, right away.

I would recommend them, this is the first detail set ive ever bought and so far have been really immpressed but unfortunalty nothing comes painted, some kits come with decals for dials and instrument panels which are sometimes quite good.

Dazzio said...

I'll look into them then. :) I've gotta get a cockpit tub for my Tornado GR.1 which I wanna do with the canopy open. So these parts will go down well. I was also looking at their flaps set for the legacy F-18, should be good. Its a shame the dials don't come prepainted like the Eduard ones do. Still very impressive work there dude. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ian for your canopy take a look at YouTube under "ju87 1/144 "he has several posts, havn't tried it yet but am getting bits together for a try