Monday, 23 July 2012

[Kit Review] - RetroWings 1/144 - Cockpit Detail Set for Revell 1/144 Luftwaffe Alpha Jet -


One of 3 cockpit details sets from RetroWings for the Revell 1/144 Alpha Jet, this being the Luftwaffe set and the other 2 French and Belgian Air forces, main difference is the ejection seats.

Great little set this  just like the one for the Hellcat and a real great update for the rather plain one supplied with the kit. Comes with 2 sets of ejection seats so that you can model both version in the Luftwaffe the early and later ones. Also got a sweet new front dashboard which really easily fits into place right on top on the existing model after removing a small bump, it simple but super effective at suddenly adding alot more detail.

Dry fitted the cockpit and tried to bring out the excellent detail with some brown wash, as im posting this ive already fitted it into the cockpit and it fits a charm.


Next is to  give it a clean and then painting begins, for such small parts with alot of tiny details its amazing that or the enitre set there on only one bubble! Easily fixed.

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