Sunday, 1 July 2012

[Kit Review] - Platz 1/144 - F-8K Crusader -

[Kit Review] - Platz 1/144 - F-8K Crusader - Box front

One of the many kits i bought in Akihabara which have gone into the "stash" waiting to see the light of day. Modelled aircraft on the front by IKE, who i think was the first 1/144 blog i found.

Surprised to see the wing molded in 2 pieces, with  everything up to the standard. Check out the massive missles, AGM-12 Bullpup.

[Kit Review] - Platz 1/144 - F-8K Crusader - Sprue

Very detailed but quite a few shallow and thin panel line which i might have trouble when a wash is applied.

[Kit Review] - Platz 1/144 - F-8K Crusader - Sprue detail

Blue scheme is for VMF-321 "Hell’s Angels”, red is VMF-142 "Flying Gators" and white is the NASA.

[Kit Review] - Platz 1/144 - F-8K Crusader - Box rear with Paint schemes

With the decal i really like the look canopy marking, never used decal on clear plastic before but must be nice to get that yellow finish around the edge of the glass?

[Kit Review] - Platz 1/144 - F-8K Crusader - Decals

Only going to model one Crusader soon but won't be any of these supplied schemes but plan on modelling the NASA one in the future.


Kelvin Lok said...

Nice naval fighter plane! Starring role in the Area 88 anime.

I see you buy your kits from Akiba too eh? I can spend a few days walking around that place and not get bored!

Ant Sized Man said...

Bought alot of kits in Akiba, spent an entire day and a few spare eveing there when on my holiday.

Koz_therefore said...

Platz F-8 is nice kit,I think too.

But,This kit has some wrong point.
Radar cone is not precise circle.
Line of main wing and fuselage is not true...
And it has not arresting hook!!!

I made arresting hook by myself, When I had made this kit.